Grant Application

The Stop Hunger Foundation focuses on community investments by supporting charitable groups that reflect our mission. If you are seeking support for an organization that builds sustainable food systems in Canada or fights hunger and malnutrition in your community, please complete the mandatory online application form. 

Applications are closed, will be open on January 1 to April 30, of every year. 


  • Only non-profit and charitable organizations, not individuals, will be eligible for a Stop Hunger grant.

  • Only initiatives that tackle hunger and food insecurity in the community will be considered.

  • We consider financial, in-kind, and skills-based requests.

  • It is important for us to measure the impact we are having in the community. We favor requests that clearly outline measurable outcomes.

  • We favor initiatives that can involve our employees as volunteers.

  • We favor initiatives which have an impact in the communities where we live and work or that support Indigenous communities that we have relationships with.

Kindly submit your request at least four months before the start-up of your activities. From January 1 to April 30, of every year. 

Please note that only the Grant selected candidates will be contacted


Applications are closed, will be open on January 1 to April 30, of every year. 

Program Exclusions

Our community investment program does not include the following:  

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that are not registered charities, or registered non-profit societies
  • Organizations that discriminate against race, gender, religion or lifestyle
  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Foundations supporting individuals
  • Local sports and recreation organizations
  • Duplication of direct and indirect donations to existing programs
  • Individual or team competitions
  • Film, television, video and book productions
  • Commercial events and activities including sports, arts, and culture