Our Mission

In 2021, 15 % of Canadians reported living in a food-insecure household according Statistics Canada. Around the world, 821 million people do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. The Stop Hunger Foundation focuses on community investments which support charitable groups that reflect and share our mission:  organizations that build sustainable food systems in Canada, or fight hunger our communities. 

Every dollar donated to the Stop Hunger Foundation is invested in communities in Canada through our:

  • Grants for Community Organizations working in food security
  • Beyond Food Aid initiatives
  • Gina Gentleman Scholarship
  • Volunteering program

Through our Stop Hunger Foundation, Sodexo Canada donates time, skills and money to tackle hunger, teach life skills and encourage sustainable food practices to members of our communities.

This is our beneficiaries' goal for our 2025 target through our national partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada :  We will be reaching out to 58,500 children every day for 180 days for a total of 10,530,000 meals per year. In 150 communities will be reached over 5 years and 13 provinces and territories that will be included in our national initiative in 1,809 schools throughout Canada.

Learn more about our global initiatives here