An initiative that has warmed many hearts

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Sodexo's Stop Hunger Foundation collaborated with Soup Sisters Foundation to deliver soup for our front-line workers to express our gratitude and appreciation for the work they have done in such difficult times.

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On December 15, 2020, 60 employees of the Sodexo Healthcare division in Ontario and Alberta, accompanied by 90 volunteers from Soup Sisters, warmed the hearts of our front-line workers by offering them a very generous portion of warm and comforting soup. Soup Sister's also matched the donation and gave soup to 40 agencies across the country that support emergency shelters for victims of domestic violence, transitional housing for the homeless, marginalized seniors, First Nations, youth in crisis, and addiction and mental health centers.  A total of 4,000 L of soup was distributed to 15,630 people through this initiative.

Speaking about the project, Brian Kimmett, Senior Vice President Healthcare, said that given Sodexo's global initiative to "stop hunger," it was natural to collaborate with Soup Sisters to deliver delicious and nutritious soup to Sodexo Healthcare's front-line teams supporting patient and resident care. ''Thank you for all you do! In addition to each delivery that Sodexo accepts, Soup Sisters matches donations to those most in need across the country''.

Together, we can fight food insecurity and ensure the basic need for good nutrition throughout the country.

Our employees appreciated the comfort of home care and the recognition of the health care team.

We are very proud of this partnership and the opportunity to connect and support the communities we serve.

Visit the Soup Sisters website to learn more about this collaboration:   


An initiative that has warmed many hearts