Our Mission

2016 Servathon Brazil.jpgIn 2021, 15 % of Canadians reported living in a food-insecure household according Statistics Canada. Around the world, 800 million people do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. The Stop Hunger Foundation focuses on community investments which support charitable groups that reflect and share our mission:  organizations that build sustainable food systems in Canada, fight hunger our communities or that support the empowerment of women in need. 

Thanks to the contribution of our founding partner Sodexo, each very dollar donated to the Stop Hunger Foundation is invested in communities in Canada. 


Support us today

Your support advances our mission by:

  • Meeting the increased need for school breakfast programs across the country through our national partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada.
  • Enabling us to support local organizations and recognize Sodexo employees' involvement in their communities through the Hero of Everyday Life Award.
  • Enabling us to have a better local philanthropy by deploying on-site fundraising activities that will benefit organizations working in food security in their community.
  • Enabling us to support new generations in their pursuit of education through our Gina Gentleman Scholarship program.
  • Helping to fund sustainable food access solutions in Indigenous and other communities in need in collaboration with Sodexo's various partners.

Through our Stop Hunger Foundation, Sodexo Canada donates time, skills and money to tackle hunger, teach life skills and encourage sustainable food practices to members of our communities.

Help us to make a difference!