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Servathon - All Year Round Activities

The Servathon – All Year Round aims to strengthen the Stop Hunger Foundation's community-based philanthropy. At the beginning of the fiscal year in September, participating units and offices of Sodexo are asked to select a local food security charity for which they will raise funds throughout the year. Sodexo employees are also encouraged to volunteer and redistribute food to these organizations.

As part of this initiative, Stop Hunger offers several activities throughout the fiscal year that Sodexo employees can join.



The Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has launched the new online Goodness Platform, a volunteering platform that connects Sodexo employees with in-person and online opportunities to serve in their community and continue fighting hunger. 

If you are a Sodexo employee interested in using the Goodness Platform visit the Stop Hunger page on SodexoNet or contact us for more details.

If you are a non-profit organization fighting hunger you can register to the Goodness Platform following these steps.

Ready to do more good for a hunger-free world? Stay tune for our volunteering stories comming soon!

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The Hero(es) of Everyday Life Award

HOELA_EN.pngThe Hero(es) of Everyday Life Award recognizes Sodexo employees who are helping to reduce hunger in their community. The individual or group of individuals may also be involved in a cause other than food insecurity, but that cause will take priority. Each year, Stop Hunger Canada selects 3 nominees or 3 groups of nominees who will have the opportunity to make a donation to the charity of their choice. The most involved candidate or group of candidates will receive a $1000 donation while the two selected individuals or groups will receive a $500 donation.

Applications and selection criteria

The Stop Hunger Foundation is interested in receiving nominations for a Sodexo employee or group of employees who are regularly involved in their community by volunteering or organizing fundraising or food drives.

  • Any Sodexo salaried or frontline employee may submit a nomination

  • Nominations may be submitted for oneself or for another person or group of people.

  • Involvement in a onetime project that has had a significant impact on a community will also be considered.

  • Applicants who are involved in the fight against food insecurity will be given priority over those involved in other causes.

Nomination period from Monday, March 28, 2022 to June 1, 2023. - Closed nominations

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Heroes of everyday life 2022


Tim Thornton.jpg

Tim Thornton chooses to donate $1000 to Fredericton Community Kitchens



Christiane Azzi chose to give her $500 donation to Breakfast Club of Canada


Bobbie-Jo (2).jpg

Bobbie-Jo Butters and the CNRL-Horizon team chose to give their $500 donation to the Wood Buffalo Bank



Heroes of Everyday Life 2020

Student food Resource Center.jpg


“The STFX Campus Food Services team recently received the award by Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation, receiving $500 to be donated to the STFX Student Food Resource Centre. STFX graciously offered to match the donation. In addition, Unifor STFX Campus Food Staff’s Casual Friday’s collection is also donating $575 to the Student Food Resource Centre, and both the Stop Hunger Foundation and STFX have matched the collection for another $575 each. That’s a whopping $2,725 total for the Student Food Resource Centre!” —Tim Hierlihy, General Manager, Campus Food



Winner – Corporate Services, Sophie Giguère..jpg



Sophie Giguère and Gregory Mertenat, both from the Danone unit in Boucherville, Quebec, pictured with the $1,000 cheque donated to Breakfast Club








The SH Challenge

SH Challenge MontageThis annual event is a great opportunity to connect with your colleague, work as a team and take care of yourself while making a difference in your community. For 4 weeks, in teams of 6, panticipants will have to perform as much physical activity as possible while raising money for the Stop Hunger Foundation.

The Prize to Be Won 

In addition to feeling much fitter and prout to have contributed to a good cause, the winning team will have the opportunity to significantly increase their contribution, as Stop Hunger will match the amount they have raised, up to a maximum of $5, 000, and donate it to the cause of their choice. The top athlete in the competition and the participant who raised the most money will also be rewarded for their efforts. 

How Does the Competition Work ? 

  • The challenge will take place on two levels : first, using the MoveSpring application, each team will have to take as many steps as possible to collect the maximum number of points. Note that different sports activities performed during your day can be converted into steps. 
  • Secondly, using the Goodness Platform, each team will also have to solicit their network to raise funds for the Stop Hunger Foundation. 
  • As teams raise money, they will have the opportunity to increase their points earned with sports app. The following are the tiers of points increases based on the amount of money raised : 
    • $250  - $499: 1,5 times the number of points
    • $500 - $999 : 2 times the number of points
    • $1, 000  - $1, 999  : 3 times the number of points
    • $2, 000 - $4, 999  : 4 times the number of points
    • $5, 000  et plus : 5 ftimes the number of points


  • Participants must form teams of 6 people
  • Team members can come from different provinces, regions, units, and divisions. 
  • We invite all frontline employees to join this competition. 
  • The registration period is closed


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