eCycle and Sodexo partnership

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Learn more about the partnership between Sodexo and Ecycle solutions and its impact on the Stop Hunger Foundation.

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Since 2019, Sodexo Canada has partnered with eCycle to donate our unused electronic devices to secure their data destruction and recycling. Thanks to our partnership with eCycle, we are not only diverting electronic waste from landfills, but also contributing with our community by making it possible so that our unused electronic devices find a new home within a foundation, charity, or organization across Canada.

To date, Sodexo has donated more than 302 unused electronic devices, making a total of $1989.96 generated from the resale of these items. This amount was donated by eCycle to our Sodexo Canada Stop Hunger Foundation to contribute to its mission of ending hunger across Canada and encouraging sustainable food practices in our communities.

“We are proud to be partnered with eCycle, an industry leader that has a vision “to create a better world and a sustainable future” and who continue to support our Stop Hunger initiatives. We look forward to the future of making the world a better place one device at a time”, says Vincent Meehan Vice President of IS&T Canada.

“Working with companies like Sodexo helps us continue to advance the circular economy while also supporting so many worthy causes - we are proud to have partnered with them on this initiative,” says Tricia Oldfield, Vice President, eCycle Solutions.

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eCycle and Sodexo partnership