Meet Sophie Giguère, Proud Recipient of the Heroes of Everyday Life Award in 2020

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With less than two weeks to go before the deadline to submit your nomination for the Heroes of Everyday Life Award, Stop Hunger wanted to put the spotlight on Sophie Giguère, a former recipient of the award who accepted to share her story.

Full Name: Sophie GiguèreSophie Giguère..jpg

Job title: Team Lead 

Time at Sodexo: 3 years

Location: Boucherville

Segment: Corporate Services


Sophie Giguère has been part of the Sodexo family for 3 years. After retiring as a cook in childcare centers, she applied for a job as a cashier at Sodexo. She is a very active woman who loves human contact, and, at the time, her goal was only to find a simple and pleasant job that would allow her to offer a helping hand. Over time, her excellent work within the company led her to quickly gain the trust of her superiors and take on more responsibility. Today, she is a Team Leader for one of our Sodexo unit in Boucherville.

Sophie is a woman with a great service spirit and is very caring. From the beginning of her career with the company, she took great pleasure in learning the tastes and habits of her customers and preparing their orders in advance. She strives to provide the best service to her customers daily and her positive approach is always appreciated.

Since her twenties, Sophie has always taken various initiatives to help those around her. At the time, she used to prepare meals for an elderly neighbor. Then, over the years, she developed a taste for volunteering and began to integrate it into her daily life through small, simple gestures. For example, she regularly makes an extra sandwich or meal to give to someone in need.

Recently, she picked up some discarded Styrofoam wrappers and took them home to cut them up. She then offered the Styrofoam panels to homeless people who were sleeping on the street so that they could lie on them. For Sophie, every little bit counts and there is nothing more rewarding than feeling useful and being able to help others.

In 2020, Sophie won the Stop Hunger Foundation's Heroes of Everyday Life Award for her commitment to the fight against hunger. At the time, she was regularly distributing surplus yogurt to people in need, a practice she still does on a regular basis. Winning this award was a huge privilege for her, as it gave her the opportunity to donate a $1000 to Breakfast Club of Canada, an NGO that is very close to her heart.

‘’I hope that this prize will help sow a seed. When you sow a seed, it always ends up growing. I would like it to make managers want to take more initiative to help and for these values and initiatives to grow in their teams. It's sure that everyone will enjoy it, it's so rewarding!’’


Until March 1, 2022, Sodexo employees can submit a nomination for the Heroes of Everyday Life Award. We invite all managers to start a conversation with their teams and find their "Sophie". You might be surprised at the great stories you'll discover.  Please visit the page Our Actions to learn more about the selection criteria.




Meet Sophie Giguère, Proud Recipient of the Heroes of Everyday Life Award in 2020